Palacio Domecq Experience

Palacio Domecq opens its doors to welcome you with the distinction it has always provided. It is one of the most exclusive places in Jerez de la Frontera, with professional and highly trained service, the key to make your event special and unforgettable.

The Palace offers a unique situation, perfect for all private events and corporate meetings; the creation of advertisements, photographic reports, films and spots; a historical environment in which local cultural and traditional elements combine in a perfect balance – wine, flamenco and equestrian art.

Land of WinesEquestrian artCradle of Flamenco

Experiencia Palacio Domecq - Tierra de Vinos

With the companionship of Palacio Domecq’s mysterious ghost inside the Lost Flavours Hall, you will be guided through a wonderful world of aromas and flavours – hardwood and spices; sweet and dry sensations; distillates and natural alcohols; albero and albariza soils.

We offer visitors and immersive and fascinating experience into the world of the famous Andalusian fortified wines, unique and unrepeatable. You will know the genuine aging system, criaderas and soleras, the magic of the flor, the role of oxygen in the vintage, the process of asoleo for sweet wines and also one of the noblest spirits ever produced, Brandy.

Jerez is wine culture, art, history, wisdom, gastronomy. We want to show you everything within the best environment possible, Palacio Domecq, transporting you to the heyday of Sherry through these ancient and delicate halls.

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FlamencoJerez, epicenter of flamenco: Seville, Utrera, Cádiz. Bulerías, Tarantos, tangos. Soleá and tientos… La Paquera and the Agujetas; the Peñas and the Sorderas… Dynasties that never stopped giving the world new artists in singing and music.

Guitars! More of the same! Javier Molina, Paco Cepero, Manuel Moreno, Moraíto. And dancing! Lola Flores, Aunt Juana La del Pipa, her grandson Antonio El Pipa.

Palacio Domecq has lived countless and unforgettable Flamenco moments full of magic moments… And, with its facilities and history, it promises our visitors to bring all this to life!