Palacio Domecq Jerez

Anteroom winter Hall

A small room which is presided over by the portrait of Pedro Domecq Loustau, protected by a large carved wooden frame which in its corners narrates the charitable works carried out by Loustau in Jerez. Schools, hospices and canteens are part of the mark that D. Pedro gave back to his city.

Palacio Domecq Jerez

Fireplace Hall

Adjacent to the dining room there is a splendid lounge presided over by an 18th century fireplace in smooth Carrara marble. In the background hangs an impressive 16th century French tapestry by Aubusson, depicting the myth of Psyche and Eros. Next to the fireplace there is an old jukebox, still in use, which takes us …

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A wide gallery overlaps the large patio on the upper floor, giving way to the main rooms of the Palace. Leaving the Fireplace hall, we find an extraordinary oil on table: “The embrace of San Joaquín and Santa Ana before the Golden Gate”, belonging to the Seville School of the XV century. This table has …

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Palacio Domecq Jerez SALÓN DE BAILE


The main room of the Palace, the Ballroom, is a reflection of the life of the time. It was decorated with large paintings, tapestries and objects from the Orient. Four chandeliers from the Royal Glass Factory of La Granja illuminated the room for the dances enlivened by the grand piano which won prizes at the …

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