Palacio Domecq Jerez ANTEDESPACHO

Anteroom of the office

Used as a waiting room for those who wanted to meet the Marquis. In this room hang all the prizes, trophies and relevant mentions won throughout the history of the family and always thanks to the wine and brandy of Jerez.

Palacio Domecq Jerez

Collonaded courtyard

Magnificent collonaded courtyard in red marble brought specially from Tuscany. It is the nerve centre of the Palace, presided over by the Allegory of Peace and Harmony, a neoclassical sculpture that symbolises the virtues of good government that must govern life in the house. 

Palacio Domecq Jerez

Garden hall

A large room that connects the courtyard with the garden, in which the flavour and freshness of the Andalusian style of the building is evident. The hall is presided over by the portraits of the early Domecqs: the paintings of Juan Pedro Domecq Lembeye and Pedro Domecq Loustau.

Palacio Domecq Jerez SALA DEL CONSEJO

Board Room

This room is used for meetings of the Board of Bodegas Domecq. A room where we discover the portraits of the members of the family, key players in the history of the wines of Jerez.

La Biblioteca

The library

The library houses the written memory of the palace. A place for reading and consultation, it is presided over by a polychrome wooden bookcase which is faced by the family tree (made from wood of a cask, the same used to make sherry casks).

Palacio Domecq Jerez SALÓN DE INVIERNO

Winter Hall

The daily living room of the palace where the thick stone walls protected its inhabitants from the inclement weather in the winter months. Its high ceilings are covered with an impressive coffered ceiling, which adds to the grandeur of the room.


An imposing double flight of red marble stairs accentuates the stately character of the house. Three magnificent 17th century Flemish tapestries turn the ascent to the gallery into a journey through the history of Pompey the Great. On the left, Pompey’s departure for war. In the central tapestry, the great victory and on the right, …

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Palacio Domecq Jerez comedor

Dining room

The dining room can seat up to thirty diners. With a monumental bronze chandelier whose light has illuminated the most illustrious visitors, four Italian mirrors hang on the walls, multiplying the space and facilitating  guests´ view of each other. A room that reached its maximum splendor in the hands of Juan Pedro Aladro Domecq.

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