Anteroom winter Hall

A small room which is presided over by the portrait of Pedro Domecq Loustau, protected by a large carved wooden frame which in its corners narrates the charitable works carried out by Loustau in Jerez. Schools, hospices and canteens are part of the mark that D. Pedro gave back to his city.

Return policy
1. After purchasing tickets no refunds will be made unless there is a possible issue with access to the venue and/or services purchased.

2. In the event that you can not access one of the venues, a refund of the proportional amount of the venue will be made.

3. In the event that a purchased service can not be provided, a refund of the proportional amount of the service will be made.

4. You will be refunded via the same payment method originally used when making the purchase.(cash, credit card, etc).
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